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Easy for you.                                                                                                

Fun for us.

Implementing a website is rarely a linear process, but it is a process we make easy and hassle free.

To begin with we'll setup your website either
by creating your website or updating your existing website. The setup phase includes:
1. Assessing Needs
2. Exploring Design
3. Populating Content

After setup, your site will be deployed and you'll be in an ongoing, but low-hassle, maintenance phase:                        
1. Deployment
2. Training
3. Monthly Support

The finer print (we like details too)



1. Assessing Needs

Do you + Web Collaborative = ?  
We always start by determining if Web Collaborative is a good fit. Often we are. Sometimes we're not. We are happy to help point you in the direction that's best for you.

If it looks like we are, we'll take the time to understand your business situation as it relates to your website needs. We identify potential opportunities and options for consideration before we begin to collaborate.
2. Exploring Design
There are as many website options as there are colors in the rainbow. 
After we've decided on an approach, we'll present you with design options and work through the look, feel, layout, structure, and presentation until you are satisfied. Sometimes this includes brand definition and exploration.
3. Populating the Content
What's in a word?
A lot! Populating your site to properly represent the tone, style, and personality of your company is one of the most critical aspects of the project. We offer an easy-to-use content management tool allowing instant content updates at any time.


1. Deployment
3-2-1 liftoff! 
Well, it isn't rocket science, but deploying a website does require quite a few crossing of t's and dotting of i's. We handle the technical aspect of getting your new shiny website to the world of the Interwebs.
2. Training
You call the shots.
Have as much or as little control and ability to update your site as you'd like. We'll be there anytime to offer hands-on training and personalized reference materials based on your website setup.
3. Ongoing Support 
Getting the party started.
Once your new website is deployed, that's when the party really starts. We believe strongly the best way to make your website work for you and not become a hassle is through ongoing support and maintenance.
Annual maintenance includes:
Hosting your domain

24/7 access to instant site updates

Less than 24-hour turnaround to support questions

Monthly analytics and site usage reporting

Content/design/site updates by Web Collaborative as needed

Web Collaborative quality monitoring of site updates