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You  what you do.                                                                                


And we do too.                                  

I'm Sarah Lindquist Chief Collaborator here.

2012 marks over 10 years of experience in business, IT management, product management, and user experience.

My background, results-oriented attitude, and  for people create the formula that brings things together to ensure your website will be a true reflection of you and your business.

Please contact me anytime with questions or to learn more.


Our Story

Web Collaborative started out as a favor.


"Please help us with our website!" a dear friend said. So we did.


And they were very happy. And we were very happy that they were so happy.


Then, others heard about how we helped our dear friend, so we helped them out too.

They were pleased as well! And we were happy that they were happy.


So ... now we make people happy.